All about Syafiq..

What Sarah says about her prince charming?

  • Serious
  • Matured
  • Hardworking
  • Full of secret
  • Full of suprise
  • Very simple man
  • Love him in the way he is
  • My love at the very first sight
  • Can be very romantic in the way of himself
  • Sarah is the choice maker while Syafiq is the decision maker

~If I wanna put in the list it can be too much. I cant describe him in one page only. So, 10 is enough.

Long distance relationship doesn’t mean much as our hearts closer. Love and loyalty will unite us. Pray to Allah to strengthen this relationship to be mawaddah wa rahmah.


  1. hehe.. ciktie mcm knl la shafiq ni.. bdk UMS ea?

    1. ye..mcm mn kenal?alahai, keciknya dunia :)


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