Wednesday, 28 December 2011

as intro from me~~

Salam Sejahtera

If u can check on the first time this blog created, until today it’s more than a week and only now Sarah have time to continue update it.

Actually this blog was started my love fiancé. He really wants to capture our moments to become a bride and groom. Siap lepas dia create blog nie sms sarah
“sy dah stat buat blog nie.wak tolong jaga ye”….heeee

This blog is really special as to capture all the stories of our wedding preparations.
Perhaps it also can be as a guide for us.

We have been fren or special fren for 5 yrs and 7mnth before we get engage on 3 feb 2011.
And really can’t wait until d day 2 hearts become 1 on 31 Aug 2012...amin...

Okay, now I already prepared for our wedding checklist. Just to make sure I’ll not miss anything and all the progress will be on schedule..insyaAllah.

8 months before the date
  •  Pre marriage course – done
  •  Choose the date
  •  Choose wedding theme, style and main theme color
  •   Choose venue for the ceremony
  •    Setting budget
  •    Start listing our “hantaran” on both side. Must in parallel with our budget.
  •    Find info about mak andam. It must include with decorator and need to decide whether want to    include with photographer o not
  •   Design of our invitation card
  •   Start listing our guest

I think it is enough for now. I’ll update from time to time..


  1. ehem2....jangan lupa beli kain sekodi bagi kat keluarga lelaki dan perempuan...leh pakai sedondon...klau boleh 2 persalinan...huhu...

    1. hee, kang pakai baju sepapan pulak nanti.


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